Optimizing Your Website For Local Search To Increase Sales

By ayesroc on April 29, 2013 in Search Engine Optimization, Staten Island Web Design

local search engine optimization staten islandThere is a lot of focus lately on local search engine optimization. The SEO experts all recommend this as a very important factor when marketing your business online. Businesses spend lots of time focused on catching prospects that are still in the research stage of the decision making process. While that is still important, the number of searches on mobile devices is on the rise. When people search on the go they are usually closer to the purchasing stage of the decision making process. At this point there a couple of areas that need more attention.

Here are three areas that if made a priority in your local SEO strategy can result in more sales.


When people are ready to make a purchase, having accurate information they can rely on is their main concern. Regularly update your website to make sure new products and services are listed and descriptions are accurate. Also make sure local business directories have accurate and up to date information. Details like your contact information, location, and even your products and services can change but directories take a while to be updated if you do not provide them with the information yourself. Register with the most popular ones in your area or industry and regularly verify all the information.


If you have a physical location for customers to visit, make it easy for them to find it. Usually when people are searching on the go, they are ready to visit and make a purchase. Providing them with easy ways to find you can increase your chances of making that sale. Provide them with as much information as possible, driving directions and distance information is great but including a map is even better. Don’t give them any reason to doubt that your business will cater to their every need, including leading them right to you.

Contact information.

Make sure people can easily contact you in many ways and that it is prominently displayed so they they don’t have to search for it. Many times there’s that one burning question they have that will cement their decision to go with your business. Even if you are the best choice they will go with a competitor that can be easily contacted. No matter what your business, good customer service can go alot further than having the exact product they want. Ultimately what they want is the easiest way to solve a problem and being available to provide them with information they need is the best way to prove you can.

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