What is responsive web design and should I have it?

By ayesroc on January 28, 2013 in Staten Island Web Design, Website FAQ

What is responsive web designWhat is responsive web design?

Short Answer: Your site will look great no matter what kind of device it is viewed on (ie: smart phone, tablet, desktop computer).

Responsive web design is a way to code a website that will make sure the functionality and look of the site is consistent on all of your gadgets. Without using too much gibberish, the website is designed in sections rather than one big chunk, depending on the size of the browser or device you use to look at the website, these sections align so that you can see everything on the page and use all the functionality of the site.

“75% of customers prefer a mobile friendly site” Google, 2012


Bonus FAQ: Should my website be responsive?

Short Answer: The quote up top should help a little but, Absolutely!

We have all been to a website on our phone that is so jumbled we can’t see anything or worse yet we can’t see anything at all, so what do we do? Go to another website, which is exactly what your clients are doing if your website isn’t responsive.

Not only that but, Google knows if your website is responsive or mobile friendly and they are sending more traffic from other mobile devices if it is.

An example of a responsive site is our new website. An example of a mobile friendly site is our friends at Legend.


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