5 Keys to Creating a Successful Business Website

By ayesroc on March 29, 2013 in Content Creation, Staten Island Web Design

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There are five keys to creating a successful business website.

Your web design company needs to take on different roles to give you the site that will best extend your business to the web. Many companies can only cover one or two and seriously fall flat with others.

1. Design/Aesthetics:

A great looking website will attract attention and give the impression you’re the leading business in your industry even if you’re just starting out. Poorly designed websites drive people away and make you look like an amatuer even if you have decades of experience behind you.

2. Marketing:

Attracting people to your site is only half the battle. Visitors need to become leads then sales. Marketing professionals provide the proper layout and relevant calls-to-action consistently though the site.

3. SEO

: Short for Search Engine Optimization, this is making sure your website content and its lay out are search engine friendly. This way your website will come up higher in “Organic” results. Otherwise you could pay for a sponsored ad to be featured prominently.

4. Copywriting:

You’re going to need words or copy for each of the pages on your website. Standard packages that website companies usually offer do not include copywriting for each page of your website. It is your responsibility to provide that. Some people can do it very easily but others struggle with this. Make sure you check your proposal to see if copywriting services are being included with your package.

5. Programming:

User experience is an extremely important factor for business sites. It needs to be coded correctly to make it function on the internet. There are many technical add-ons to make the user experience easier and more engaging. A professional programmer can ensure any special features and the site overall are working effectively.

When you hire X4DC you get all of these roles covered in one place for the price it would usually take for just one of them.
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