Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems.

You need a Content Management system that gives you exactly what you need and skips on the extras that just complicate things. A custom built system is the best way to ensure that is what you get. Our custom built CMS focuses on catering to the exact needs of each one of our clients.


Add/Edit Your Pages.

Your system will be easy as pie for your to operate yourself. You’ll get a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface that gives you all the tools you need and lets you see changes immediately. With our system you’ll master changing fonts, adding bullet points, pictures, links, or whatever else you need.

Photo Galleries.

Photo galleries give your site an little extra finesse. Our CMS system makes simple to upload all your photos at once from any computer. Once they’re uploaded you can quickly work with them to get the perfect look. The easy drag and drop system allows you to quickly put them into the right order. The best part is no extra work resizing or cropping photos, the system will work great with the pictures you already have.

Image Editor/Manager.

Included in your CMS is an image manager for convenient control of all your images. It allows you to upload multiple images at once, organize them into folders and even has basic editing tools such as resizing and cropping. There will no extra time wasted preparing photos ahead of time in Photoshop.

Manage Navigation.

You’ll get all the options you needed to easily add in a dropdown menu, sidebar menu, accordion menu or a combination of all three. Your system will make it possible for you to add, edit, remove and order all the items in your websites navigation system. It’s all simple and easy to do too.


Your blogging system is designed to work just like the rest of your CMS. No need to learn a whole other system. It will be customized to look and function however you want. Also you’ll get all the tools you need, including add/edit posts, manage comments, comment spam filtering, categories, multiple authors, and RSS/Atom feeds.

SEO Features.

By now you know SEO can lead to a major boost in traffic to your site and improve sales. Your CMS system will have all the tools you need to manage all your SEO strategies. You will be able to enter custom URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions. It will even automatically create a 301 redirect when you make changes to a URL.

Add Videos.

A video can be a great enhancement to your website. With our system it will always be a quick and easy process. Simply upload it to a sharing service like YouTube or Vimeo then click the “insert video” button and paste the link.

Manage Banner Images.

Fancy rotating banners have a coolness factor that makes it pretty essential to most new website designs. Your CMS allows you to add, edit and remove banners. No worrying about cropping or resizing them before uploading either, it will be programmed to automatically do that for you.

Custom Features

Different businesses may need different things, but we cater to the specific needs of every client. Your custom CMS can include additional sections so you can seamlessly manage everything on your site. E-Commerce features, a section for managing advertisements, real estate listings or anything your business needs can be done. Whatever your custom needs are we can build it for you.