How Influencers Can Help Your Business

By ayesroc on August 20, 2013 in Content Creation, Social Media Marketing

how social media influencers can help businessOnline influencers are Bloggers, Tweeters, or other social media personalities that have gained large followings and become an established authority on a particular subject. They are often experts in their fields, have large social circles and post often. They achieve status through sharing their own knowledge and experience or aggregating informative pieces from throughout the web becoming a trusted source of information. Connecting with them online by sharing and commenting on their post can really help your business’s social media efforts. Here are a couple of advantages of developing better relationships with influencers:

• They’ll share your content. Not only will this help you reach a wider audience, but it will also be given more credibility because of the trusted relationship they’ve already established.
• They could review your product or services. Many influencers take it upon themselves to review new products or services for their audience. A good review from them could give your online image a great boost. Or you could pitch the idea to them, however be sure to consider any ethical issues. (Do not offer monetary payment or free goods in exchange for a good review and check that they always reveal any affiliation to companies they write about.)
• You can get the opportunity to guest blog. Some bloggers will offer the opportunity for others in the industry to contribute to their blog to keep things fresh and provide different perspectives. This is a great way to show off your expertise to a new audience helping to improve your brand awareness. Use the opportunity to connect with the audience and provide useful information, this could lead to gaining new followers. Even if they don’t ask you could always bring the idea to them.
• You’ll have a trusted network to rely on. If you put in real effort to building these relationships others will begin to trust in you and see you as a part of the community. Most online communities and influencers goal is provide help for other people. It’s part of why they share their knowledge and expertise. They will usually be willing to provide guidance and work on projects they that have potential to help the industry move forward. However, you have to actually show you are sincere in your efforts and not just using them to sell your products.

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